Wednesday, November 30, 2005

About Me

Hello, as it says over on the right, my name is Ed Butler. If you've gone to the effort of finding and reading this blog, you probably deserve to know a little about me. 24 years old, I live in a disgustingly suburban area in Eastern Melbourne, having experienced a disgustingly suburban upbringing. I work in a laboratory, but not as a scientist, I'm in the finance department.
You will learn more about me as this blog progresses, but I feel I should introduce you to some of the people whom I will reference routinely as I go:

My girlfriend, Nicole - light of my life, apple of my eye, Nic is the one who says, 'Ed, I don't think the kids would appreciate it if you stole all the balls from the McDonalds playground'. My muse and my conscience at once. What a girl.

Mum, Anne - Partially unstable potential mass murderer with a heart of gold or supermum with a mean streak (depending on who you ask), Mum can be angel and demon within the space of half an hour. Unless there's guests (or your room's clean), then it's all Christ-like calm.

Dad, Peter - The big man with the big heart and Yin to Mum's Yang. The only man on Earth who could concievably withstand one of Mum's tirades without punching a wall. Great beard.

Brother & sister-in-law - Troy & Karen - the picture of domestic, suburban wedded bliss. Married for nearly 5 years, and going strong. Good on them. Happy, secure (and a little frugal).

Sister, Charlotte - If I'm the black sheep of the family, Charlotte must be the golden one. Incapable of doing anything wrong, she is walking proof that Mums have favourite children. Top chick my sister, don't worry about that. Likes a drink (and a smoke), good value to have around. Just high maintenance.

Friends - numerous to say the least, I am blessed with an assortment of great people that I call friends (irrespective of whether or not it is reciprocated). Names such as Dan, Megan, Tony, Jen, Rob, Tammie, Tombo, Dave, Rich, Tash, Tim, Caz, Trav, Stokesy, Amy, Luber, Chambo, Belinda, Julia, Tom and Matt (aka Juggs) will all feature at some point or other.

Well, that's it for now, I look forawrd to regaling you with tales involving the cast of characters listed above.


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