Sunday, January 08, 2006

Summer Lovin'

Not that I have anything particularly revelatory to say, I just haven't posted for ages, so I felt obliged to put pen to paper, figuratively speaking. Right now, it's hot. Damn hot. Melbourne weather can get out of control at times, such as new years eve, when we experienced a 43 degree day (that's about 109 farenheit). Global warming? Who knows, but it's hot. Right now, I could do with some raised sea levels, rather than have to drive half an hour to get to the beach. There's no worse feeling than waking up and having your legs velcroed together by sweat. Having said all that, I love hot weather. Love the warm discomfort. I figure I complain all winter about how cold it is, therefore I have relinquished any right to bitch about the weather in warmer times, like all the people that constantly feel obliged to inform me about how horrible the weather is unless it's 25 and clear with a light breeze.
Forecast for tomorrow? 36 and hot. Damn hot.