Sunday, March 05, 2006

Return of the King

Well, this is it. After my seven days (ish) in the wilderness, I return. Better than ever, with greater powers and insight, having spent several months ensconsed with the tribal cult of nefata -toktiki-tki in Chelsea, Victoria, drinking the menstrual blood of Japanese virgin daughters of prostitutes, I now am a complete human being, replete with wisdom and insight. Seriously.

In actuality, life's been good. I've visited Hobart, which was brilliant, I've added several thousand songs to my MP3 player, and I've bought the new record byu the Arctic Monkeys. They rock. Massively. Happy ten years in power to John Howard, I'm happy for some portion of my tax money to pay for parliamentarians to attend your various functions around the country to celebrate your dubious achievements.

Anyway, this is merely a return to form, more detail will follow, and the events of the missing 2 months will forever remain a secret.