Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Album of the year (so far)??

Well, it's only April, but I've already picked up two records that could well be vying for best of 2006 by year's end (bearing in mind upcoming releases by Radiohead and Muse, among others).
The Arctic Monkeys debut is as good a freshman album as you'll hear, brimming with vigour, humour and observance. Oh yeah, and it rocks. Think Mike Skinner from the Streets picks up an axe and chucks on his back catalogue of AC/DC, along with the Pixies, the Stones and Blur.
Terrific Stuff.
At the other end of the spectrum, Melbourne (Go local boys!) band Augie March ahve produced yet another compelling addition to their already impressive discography. Backing up 2000's Sunset Studies, and 2002's Strange Bird (Both of which made their respective year's top ten in my book), the Augs have condensed and slightly abbreviated their sound, without going - for want of a better word - 'poppy'. Opener 'One Crowded Hour' could well be the best song every written by anyone, anywhere. Well, not quite, but it's a corker. It is followed by an hour of intense, melodic poetry, revisiting the intimate stylings of Sunset Studies, but with greater control and maturity.
2006 is looking pretty solid so far.


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