Friday, December 02, 2005

The Gender Gap

Well, last night some mates and I played a scratch match against the Melbourne Falcons Women's AVL (Australian Volleyball League) team to help their preparation for the finals this weekend. To see the draw check out this link:
Anyway, during the game I encountered a dilemma. How do you go about playing against girls? Even against really excellent players like these girls, it was a no-win situation for the boys, and I think we pulled through admirably. If we played hard - i.e. to win - we look like big bullies getting a kick out of beating up on girls, if we go soft, we look like we're patronising them becasue they're girls. If we lose, we look like hacks, and if we win, we get no kudos, because 'men are better athletes'. (Even though if you saw me you'd realise how far from athletic I am). The only way out was to just win, while trying hardish and at the same time trying to look like you aren't trying. Luckily enough, that's what happened. Well done to the girls though. If I was half the player they all are I'd be....a much better player.
Gender issues are also favourite talking points of mine, so you'll hear more of this kind of thing in the future.


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