Thursday, July 20, 2006

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

A couple of years ago, Snow Patrol, after years of struggling as a Scottish band always hovering around success, broke through with 'Final Straw', one of the absolute gems of 2005. Filled with beauty, paranoia and alienation in equal measure, it was, for many, myself included, the soundtrack to their winter that year. Be it the glitchy pop-rock of 'How to be Dead', the dread-filled 'Somewhere a Clock is Ticking' or the triumphant singalong anthem 'Run', Snow Patrol had married accessible stadiu rock with creative zing and emotional authenticity to hit on a winner. And the public agreed.
And Snow Patrol got a taste for it.
Singer Gary Lightbody ditched co-founder and bass player Mark McLelland, who was keen to continue the push into new waters, recruited a newbie and set about recreating the success, Coldplay-style. And just like Colplay's Chris Martin, Lightbody has certainly got the songwriting chops to back up his actions. It's just that it's so damn SAFE. No risks, nothing seriously personal or introspective. Just rehashed ideas and standard break-up platitudes.
Muscially, this is crafted for stadium success, from the rocking opener, 'Hands Open', to the more sedate duet with Martha Wainwright, 'Set Fire to the Third Bar', this is brimming with radio-friendliness. It's just not original. Parachutes, Coldplay's debut, was hardly innovative, but it was chock full of heart and genuine wonderment at how much fun this music caper was. Very similar to 'Final Straw'. 'Eyes Open' is just like 'X & Y', bland, unimaginative rock for the masses, with the glaring exception of 'Shut your Eyes', a moody, flowing number which stands out on this album like a sore thumb.
A disappointment.


At 2:43 AM, Blogger nomadjf said...


but chasing cars rocks! the new video is on youtube with all the scenes from grey's anatomy in it, and it's amazing.

i love this song!!!


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