Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm Jack of This

Paris Hilton has cut an album. Seriously, how can we expect to take the music industry as a whole seriously anymore? Things like health, education and employment have for centuries been far more easily accessible for the wealthy and elite, but now, it's been proven that, if you have the money behind you, you can buy songs. Successful songs. Stars are Blind, her first single, actually isn't too bad. The problem is, it has nothing to do with her. She bought a songwriter, numerous producers (A-list ones at that) and enough software to make her sound like an asthmatic Whitney Houston (in tune, but weak as piss), and made a hit record. It is now official. To be successful in the music industry, you now require ZERO talent. Just a pre-existing profile.
The most worrying thing of all is the perception of Hilton as role model to young girls. The same woman who is on countless mobile phones performing sex acts in front of a camera is idolised by hundreds of thousands of (mainly American) young women. I guess the new aspiration is to be born wealthy and act like a twat. Touche, Paris.


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